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Welcome Fiji Wedding Couples!

Are you searching for a photographer for your wedding in Fiji?


Ive shot two weddings so far in Fiji and each one was such a magical experience for the couple and for myself.

The first wedding in 2007 was at Malolo Island Resort in the Yasawa Islands. Malolo is a larger resort with 20-30 cabins, or Bure's as they are called in Fiji. The couple stayed in a Bure that was actually out over the water and it had a big glass panel in the floor. The wedding took place out on the beach at low tide so there was a huge expanse of exposed beach. The resort was very accomodating. Malolo island was large enough to make for a really fun exploring hike the next day. See a slideshow from that first Fiji Wedding here.

If you travel around in the Yasawas, you purchase a ticket on this big boat called the Yasawa Flyer which runs the length of the Island chain twice a day. You purchase a week long ticket and you can island hop from one little resort to the next. There are probably 30 small resorts in this island chain and each one of them is situated on a beautiful little stretch of beach. Most of these "Backpacker Resorts" as they are called offer meals and a Bure for $120 USD for 2 people. Then on the other end of the scale are places that charge $10,000 USD and more per night.


Fiji beach wedding photography

My second Fiji wedding was on the little Island of Taveuni in the northern end of the Fiji island Chain. Sherri & Eric were actually the very first Destination Wedding couple that lived in my own home town. We even got to gether for lunch one day to talk about the wedding details, which is totally unheard of because normally I live thousands of miles from my clients.
The venue was a beautiful place called Taveuni Palms Resort. Kelly, the owner of the resort was absolutely amazing at taking care of her guest's every whim. No matter what came up, Kelly was right there with her staff making plans, taking care of all the details and making sure everything went exactly as planned. I've never seen a wedding coordinator anywhere that could make things happen faster or with more style than Kelly. To give you an example of the treatment her guests get... on the day we were all scheduled to leave, Sherri, Eric and myself were all sitting there sweating and waiting in the tiny one-room airport. The first flight got cancelled so we were going to be there a long time. Somehow Kelly found out about this and here she comes driving up to the airport with a bunch of bottles of cold water - what a savior! I couldn't believe it. That was way beyond good service.

Anyway, as you can see in the video, we spent an hour or so on the first day talking over plans with Kelly and then took off to a village where she had arranged with the locals to have a "Lovo" feast just for Sherri & Eric and myself. I'll let the video tell the rest of the story.


I would highly reccomend both Taveuni Palms Resort and the island of Taveuni in general. The people were incredibly friendly, it was totally safe, and the place is beautiful.... well I'll let you see that for yourself too... hope you enjoy the show!


This is HD video so you may need to pause the show and let it load for a while before watching - otherwise it may stop frequently.
At the bottom right of the video is a control that will allow you to set the resolution higher and open up to show to full screen size.




Malolo island resort wedding photographer in fiji fiji islands wedding photographer

Weeeez..... Weeez.....
I'm. so. happy. right now.
I watched it (the slideshow) three times, back to back.
Can't really find the words, just that I'm so happy right now.

You guys~ !
Jess & Tim

Check out the slideshow from the 2007 wedding of Tim & Jess at Malolo Island Resort, Fiji.



fiji and Yasawa islands wedding photographer Malolo island


Some of the more Common wedding locations around Fiji include:

LikuLiku Lodge Wedding, Turtle Island Wedding Photographer, Malolo island wedding, Lomani island Resort,
Maravu Plantation
. Tokoriki Island Resort wedding photographer, Navutu Stars Resort, Matangi Island Resort Taveuni Palms Resort


Glen travels to shoot weddings at any destinations throughout the Fiji Islands.

Prices for wedding photography on any of the Fiji islands can be found in the links above.

Wedding photography at Bouma Falls, Taveuni, Fiji

Beach photography at Taveuni Palms resort, Fiji

evening shot at Taveuni Palms resort, Fiji

Photography at Taveuni Island, Fiji

Cutting the cake at Taveuni Palms Resort, Fiji

Fiji beach wedding photo

Throwing the boquet photography for wedding on Taveuni Island, Fiji


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My name is Glen and I've been a full time wedding photographer for the past twelve years, during which time I've shot well over 200 weddings. I live in a beautiful place called the Willamette Valley, in Central Oregon. From that home base, I travel the world shooting weddings for Eugene Oregon Wedding Photographer Glen Johnsonclients that care deeply about having their wedding day captured as a story, told by an artist. I just recently completed my 58th Destination wedding outside the continental US.

I absolutely LOVE what I do. I love meeting new people, making beautiful art with cameras and computers, and traveling around the world.

I often find myself in some beautiful or exotic location and I'll stop, take a long look around, and think to myself, "I'm the luckiest person in the universe for having found this profession."

My style...  is to shoot quietly and unobtrusively in the background throughout most of the day, and then work with you to create dramatic and unusual environmental portraits when we've got a few minutes alone. My greatest compliment is when a bride looks through the photos and says, "I didn't even know you were there when that happened."

Your style...  is bold, fun loving, adventurous and totally in love with your new partner. You appreciate photography as an art and you want an outgoing, friendly photographer that you feel comfortable hanging out with. You don't want to worry about being embarrased by an egotistical photographer who tries to take over your day. You're not looking for the cheapest photographer - you're look for quality and expect it to cost more because it's the best. Finding a photographer who can tell a story with a camera is of the highest priority to you. You shudder at the thought of seeing your own faces in the cheesy wedding photos that are so typical these days. You want a large collection of natural, unstaged images that capture a moment, and all together, they tell the story of your day.

Some advice...  You are almost certainly a new bride or groom just venturing into the confusion of shopping photographers for your wedding. I've talked with hundreds of people in that place and I've personally seen enough weddings that I think I can provide some advice for you!

First of all, when you interview a photographer, perhaps the single most important thing to know is that it's very easy for new or moderate quality photographers to buy a website that makes them look as good as the really great photographers - at first glance.

The thing to remember is that most photographers will pick out their favorite 20 images from each wedding and show those on their website, but that should leave you wondering what the heck they were doing for the rest of the wedding day.

You need to know that any beginner can get 20 good shots during a 10 hour wedding day and that is NOT something to brag about.

So don't ask a photographer to "Show me your best picture."

What you should be asking them to do, is.... "Tell me a story." And believe me, there is a HUGE difference between the photographers that can get 20 decent shots, and those that can get the hundreds of great images it takes to tell the whole story of a wedding day.

More advice... Here are some more detailed things you should know about shopping photographers...

The slideshows below tell stories. Each show may contain over a hundred images but this is still only a small selection of the images taken at that wedding, and I hope you'll agree that each show tells the story of the day.

I hope that someday I have the pleasure of working with you, to capture your story.


These slideshows are from Oregon weddings.
For best viewing, turn on your speakers and set each video to play full screen at 1080.



Contact:    541-729-9256    -or-   grj (at) aperturephotographics.com


View More Video Slideshows from Other Weddings - each one tells a new story.


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All text and Images Copyright Glen Johnson


My Book for Brides - (eBook only)

Brides Guide Book

For most couples, finding the right photographer is a LARGE part of the wedding planning process. You know that aside from the rings, the pictures are all you’ll have left after the wedding is over. As you join together to become a new family, these images become the first record in your family history. The skill and style of the photographer you choose will determine how those memories are captured. And the scary part – for both the couple and the photographer – is that there are no second chances. Your wedding photographer has one chance to get it right and make it look beautiful – which means you’ve got only one chance to choose someone you can trust with that responsibility.

Read more about the book...
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(this book is NOT an advertisement for my
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I've been a full time wedding photographer, since 2000.

During that time I've shot over 300 weddings, with 58 of those being in other countries outside the US.

BOWP logoIn 2010 I was invited to become a founding member of an association called
Best of Wedding Photography. This is a gathering of the best wedding photographers on the planet. Membership is free, but it is by invitation only and there are less than 500 members worldwide. I was also invited to be an official board member for this organization. So now I am one of 8 Internationally know photographers on the board who are responsible for providing guidance about the formation of the organization, and also for actually interviewing other photographers around the world to decide who gets invited into the organization.







fiji islands wedding image walking on the beach

Contact:    541-729-9256    -or-   grj (at) aperturephotographics.com

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